The Omissions in Netflix’s Live-Action One Piece: Who’s Missing?

Netflix’s live-action adaptation of Eiichiro Oda’s epic manga, One Piece, has made waves among fans and newcomers alike. It’s a daring endeavor, considering the vastness of the source material, which has been running since 1999 with over a thousand anime episodes. In this ambitious project, some significant characters from the One Piece world didn’t make the cut. Let’s delve into the notable omissions and explore why they were left out.

10. Gaimon

Gaimon, a castaway pirate, became stranded on the Island of Rare Animals while searching for hidden treasure. His unique situation left him with a body trapped in a treasure chest. In the live-action adaptation, the entire sub-arc of The Island of Rare Animals was skipped, making it impossible for Netflix’s Straw Hat Pirates to encounter Gaimon. Furthermore, portraying his distinctive appearance in live action would have posed significant challenges.

9. Mohji & Richie The Lion

Mohji, Buggy’s loyal first mate, and Richie, his pet lion, didn’t appear in the Netflix adaptation. While Mohji’s battles in the manga take place in Orange Town, the live-action version shifted the focus to Buggy’s circus, omitting these characters. Additionally, the budget required to depict Richie the Lion in a convincing manner likely played a role in their exclusion.

8. Chouchou

Chouchou, a courageous dog in Orange Town, had a brief appearance in the live-action series. However, his significance was downplayed, and viewers unfamiliar with the manga might not grasp his role as the guardian of the pet food shop. With Mohji and Richie’s fight omitted, Chouchou’s inclusion was unnecessary for the adaptation.

7. Momoo

Momoo, a massive sea beast utilized by the Arlong pirates, was known for his destructive power. Despite his formidable appearance, he quickly retreated when confronted by Luffy and Sanji. However, adapting such a kaiju-like character would have required a significant CGI budget, making his exclusion understandable.

6. Woop Slap

Woop Slap, the Mayor of Foosha Village, had a cameo appearance in the live-action adaptation. While he didn’t play a major role, his knowledge of Luffy’s parentage and his significance in the series could lead to a more prominent role in future seasons.

5. Usopp’s Fans

Usopp’s young admirers, Tamanegi, Piiman, and Ninjin, known as the Usopp Pirates, didn’t appear in the live-action adaptation. Their emotional connection with Usopp and his decision to disband their crew upon joining the Straw Hats was a poignant moment omitted from the series.

4. Hachi

Hachi, a tentacled swordsman and minor antagonist in the Arlong Park arc, was responsible for overseeing Momoo. Adapting his unique appearance and fighting style into live action would have been costly, leading to his exclusion

3. Johnny & Yosaku

Johnny and Yosaku, former fishermen turned bounty hunters, were old friends of Zoro and minor allies to the Straw Hats in the manga. Their inclusion in the live-action adaptation was sacrificed due to limited screen time.

2. Jango

Jango, a hypnotist and secondary antagonist in the Syrup Village Arc, was left out in the live-action adaptation. While his character had unique quirks, he wasn’t pivotal to the streamlined storyline.

1. Tashigi

Tashigi, a Marine Officer with exceptional swordsmanship skills, was notably absent from Netflix’s One Piece, despite her role in the manga as a rival and uneasy ally of Zoro. As the series progresses, there’s a strong possibility that Tashigi will make an appearance in later seasons, given her significance in the world of One Piece.

In the complex world of One Piece, character omissions are inevitable in a live-action adaptation, often driven by budget constraints and the need to streamline the storyline. While some characters were left out, the excitement for the future of Netflix’s One Piece remains high, as fans anticipate the inclusion of these beloved characters in upcoming seasons.

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